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Clarke Built
Construction & Inspections

Recreating Dream Homes That Last

Inspecting & Ensuring You Get What You're Sold

Our Services

  • Home Additions (completely booked through 2025)

  • Kitchen Remodeling (completely booked through 2025)

  • Bathroom Remodeling (completely booked through 2025)

  • General Home Inspections

  • Wind Mitigation

  • 4-Point Inspections

  • Mold Inspections

  • Sewer Scope Inspections




& Accountable

Who We Are &
What We Do

We are Florida Certified Home Inspectors & a Florida Certified Residential Contractor (License No. CRC1333545) specializing in home inspections, full home remodels, kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, and home additions in Palm Beach County, with construction services focused primarily on Design/Build projects.

Why us for your home inspection?

  • Simple: Who better to inspect your home than those with experience and a license to build your home?


Why design-build?

  • Single entity oversight and accountability

  • Time & cost savings due to efficiency

  • Innovative ways to cut costs without cutting corners

  • Better problem solving solutions

  • One communication source

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